1st-Time Skydiver Is Shocked When Boyfriend Proposes The Moment She Touches Ground.

For most people who are brave enough to give skydiving a try, their best memory about the day is, well, skydiving. But for Katie Line of Wellingborough, England, something even more exciting happened!

Recently, she and Jason Pack, her boyfriend, were participating in a fundraiser for Cransley Hospice. In exchange for donations, the daring couple promised to jump out of a plane that was 13,000 feet in the air. Katie knew it would be a wild ride, but she had no idea Jason was planning something extra special when they reached the ground!

Jason had arranged to jump first so he would be ready to greet Katie with an engagement ring at the bottom! He said the company they worked with even “went to the extreme of giving me a smaller parachute, spiraling more in the air to get down to the ground quicker and free-falling for longer.”

Not only that, but he also brought their friends and family members into the fun by having them hold up letters that spelled out, “Katie Marry Me?”

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Between the rush of skydiving and the thrill of the proposal, Katie was literally left speechless! Of course, after she took a moment to collect herself, she said yes!

“It was amazing,” she added. “As I started coming down, I could see all the letters and then obviously I saw Jason running towards me. The instructor kept saying to me, ‘Can you read that sign?’ And at first I didn’t know what he meant, so I was looking for road signs, but then I spotted my name and it all came together.”

As if that wasn’t wonderful enough, they brought in over $6,300 for people in need!


Congratulations, Jason and Katie! It’s safe to say this adrenaline-filled adventure is one these lovebirds will never forget!

Check out the epic proposal in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story with your friends.

SKY DO! – Thrill-seeking boyfriend proposed to girlfriend while they skydived from 13,000ft 🪂💍

SKY DO! – Thrill-seeking boyfriend proposed to girlfriend while they skydived from 13,000ft 🪂💍https://www.real-fix.com/videos/sky-do-thrill-seeking-boyfriend-proposed-to-girlfriend-while-they-skydived-from-13000ft/

Posted by real fix on Wednesday, September 23, 2020

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