When Teacher Shares Plea For Paper Donations, Internet Rallies To Help.

It’s not uncommon for teachers to ask for donations for supplies for their classrooms, but it is uncommon for a teacher to ask for donations for an entire school system, and for such a basic supply – like paper. So, when people on Twitter saw Katie Couch’s plea for just that, they didn’t hesitate to step up.

Katie is a counselor at a school in Philadelphia which, halfway through the school year, was already relying on donated paper. When the school reached out to the district, they learned even they had a shortage of paper. So, after reaching out to major companies like Office Depot and Staples with no success, Katie posted a plea on Twitter and tagged local businesses.

It didn’t take long at all for businesses to step up to the request. Some users urged her to set up an Amazon Wish List to help them donate the paper a little easier. She did that and set up a Donors Choose page hoping that it would increase the number of donations.

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Soon enough, donations came pouring in from companies, individuals, and even small businesses, like a photographer that asked clients to pay a portion of their fee by donating reams of paper to the school. It wasn’t just paper, either. People began donating tissues, pencils, markers, and all kinds of other supplies teachers desperately need in their classrooms (especially in low-income areas where families aren’t able to donate themselves).


Katie, her fellow teachers, and administrators are overwhelmed and grateful for the support of the community. Without their efforts, the teachers and students would have truly suffered for the rest of the school year. When asked what caused the shortage, elementary school principal Heather Jonston explained, “At the end of the day, we fall short because we have to think about the necessities. Do we pay for lights? Do we pay for books? Or do we pay for paper? I think it just came to that point this year, because the bills are piling up.”

For now, this district is in much better shape, thanks the community. But, Katie hopes it encourages people outside of Philadelphia to look into their own school districts to see how they can help.

Watch Katie’s sweet thank you message to donors in the video below. Remember to share her story to help spread awareness of school needs all over the US.

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