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kashir jacobson

Australian Mom Loses 107 Lbs. After Seeing Unflattering Engagement Pictures On Facebook.

“Is that me? Do I really look like that in public?” thought Kashmir Jacobson, 27, of New Victoria, Australia.

Kashmir had been perusing some Facebook photos of her engagement party when she had a big wake-up call. While she’d been curvy and a bit overweight her entire life, she now found herself weighing 227 pounds as she prepared to walk down the aisle.

Kashmir Jacobson

Like many brides to be, Kashmir embarked on a diet and managed to lose 33 pounds before her July 2015 wedding. Things were going well… but then she got pregnant.

Due to pre-eclampsia and other conditions, Kashmir gained about 50 pounds while pregnant with her daughter. “I topped the scales at 115 kilos [253 lbs.] at my last appointment before being induced to have my baby,” Kashmir said. Once her baby was born in April 2016, Kashmir knew it was time to make some big changes to improve her health.


“I always wanted to get down to a size 10-12 but never had the will-power or knowledge or courage,” she explained. “For years I wouldn’t weigh myself in fear of what I actually weighed.”

When her daughter was 3 months old, Kashmir decided to “get her act together.”


“I was at this stage 107 kilos and so unhappy with the way I looked. I was [winded] getting up off the ground from sitting on the floor with her and was the biggest I’d ever been.”

Kashmir started her exercise program slowly, beginning by simply taking walks with her daughter in a stroller. As her fitness level improved, she started walking with the infant in a baby carrier strapped to her chest. When even that became easy, the determined mom started climbing stairs with her baby in the carrier. She also began closely monitoring everything that she ate.


By September of 2016, Kashmir was ready to take her weight loss journey to the next level. She signed up for mom and baby personal training sessions once a week. Kashmir says that joining the program with a friend really helped keep her motivated each week.

“We trained weekly together, plus walked or did stairs together supporting and cheering each other on,” Kashmir said.


While she did not follow a strict diet, she started cooking low-fat-and-calorie lunches and dinners. She was careful to prepare her meals for the entire week so she didn’t grab something unhealthy in a moment of weakness.


Over about 12 months, the pounds melted away and revealed her new taut physique, and the mom felt her confidence soar. Kashmir now weighs less than she has in over 10 years, and she dropped five dress sizes!


“Once you see the weight start to come off it becomes such an incentive to keep going,” she said. “Although the scales don’t define me as a person, I’ve gained so much confidence and self-respect.”


“There is no special diet pill or potion that will help you. It’s 100% committing to something you want bad enough and giving it everything with no excuses.”


It’s hard to believe that she accomplished all of this simply by moving more and eating less! What an inspiration for all of us who have a few (or many) pounds to lose. Let’s all follow Kashmir’s lead and go take a walk today — no excuses!

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