Cop Spots Autistic Child Drowning In Pond, Body Cam Captures Heroic Rescue.

Topeka Police Officer, Aaron Bulmer, was backing up another officer and searching for a group of hoodlums reportedly fighting in a neighborhood park when something out of the ordinary caught his eye. Seemingly by chance, Officer Bulmer saw a small child walking toward a pond in the middle of the park alone… and knew something was very wrong. He pulled over his car and walked in the direction the boy was headed. That’s when he discovered him submerged facedown in the water, gasping for air.


Instantly, Officer Bulmer sprinted the last 50 feet and jumped into the water to save the little boy’s life. “Got a kid that fell into the pond,” he says to dispatch when they ask if the teenagers had been apprehended.


As the cop grabbed the little boy out of the water, a bystander ran over to help pull him onto shore. Then after a quick hospital evaluation, the boy was released to his parents.

Apparently, the little boy is on the autism spectrum. He recently learned how to lock and unlock doors to their house and has always loved the water. His father stepped out of the bathroom that day to discover the back door open and his son no longer inside.

The little boy’s mother was beside herself with gratitude. “He’s a hero,”Hamby said. “I could be one child down right now and not know how to cope.â€

The ordeal was simply the result of his adventurous spirit, after giving his parent the slip. His parents said they have now installed a third lock on their doors, to prevent anything like this from happening again.

Check out the amazing moment in the video below. Talk about right place, right time!

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