Teen Spots Car On Fire And Rushes To Save Family Of 4 Trapped Inside.

There are defining moments in everyone’s lives that show a person what they’re made of, and Justin Gavin’s came in a flash of fire.

The 18-year-old could have never guessed that walking to Walgreen’s would end with him saving not one, but four lives!

Justin was on his way to the local pharmacy store in Waterbury, Connecticut, on September 9 when a passing SUV caught his attention. The vehicle was covered in flames. He yelled for the driver to stop, but she couldn’t. She and her three children, ages 9, 4, and 1, were trapped inside.

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“I was scared because I didn’t know whether the car was going to blow up in that instant,” Justin said.

But that didn’t stop him from racing over to help. Justin ran as fast as he could, pulling the mother out first, then moving to the backseat to free her kids, the youngest of whom was in a car seat. When the mother recounted her story to the police, she made it very clear Justin was the reason her family is still here.

firefighters with burned car

So, later that day, Waterbury police chief Fernando Spagnolo presented Justin with a challenge coin, which symbolizes bravery and courage.

“The police chief told me whenever I feel like I need some courage or some type of way like brave or something like that always just look back at the coin and think of that day,” Justin said.

But the way he sees it, he was simply doing what he hoped someone else would do for him.

“Life is too short, so I just thought if that was me in that situation, I would want someone to help me so I definitely did what I can do,” he added.

There’s no question what this man is made of! In spite of the dangerous situation, Justin pushed through his fear to protect total strangers! That’s what makes him a hero.

Hear more about Justin’s incredible act of heroism in the video below, and share to give him the recognition he deserves!

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