Rescuer Gives Junkyard Kitten His 1st Hug Ever—Now He Won’t Stop Snuggling Her Back.

On a hot, mid-summer day, a mama cat gave birth to five kittens underneath a decrepit car in a Detroit junkyard. Mothers are typically fiercely protective of their young, but this one seemed to sense Zara Hamade meant no harm as she approached.

Knowing the high temperatures put the kittens in grave danger, this kind-hearted young lady scooped the family up and brought them home. They took up residence on a soft, warm bed in a spare room. There, Zara cared for the young’uns until they could be adopted to their forever homes.


But there was one kitten she just couldn’t bring herself to let go: Tiggie.

Zara tells the heartwarming story below:

“I found Tiggie’s family outside of work in Detroit. They were in a junk yard under an old car behind the office, I heard squeaking and baby meowing. They were just born that day so they were extremely tiny!”


“They were not afraid because they didn’t have any idea what was happening yet. The mother is very sweet and didn’t mind me being around her babies (she was probably thrown on the streets and is used to humans and trusts us). Poor babies were on the ground and it was a very hot July day.”


“The temperature was very hot and the mother was very aware that I was going to help her and her babies. I took them all in and had them in an empty room, clean and comfy new bed for her to nurse them until they were old enough for adoption.”


“After a few weeks Tiggie was so energetic and happy and was so trusting and loving like his mommy. He chose me and I loved him too much to let him go. He made me feel like I was his second mommy.”


“Tiggie changed my life by showing me what a little care and love can do, what kind of difference love can make. Its a feeling of joy and he loves you back and kisses you in appreciation and that means more to me than anything else.”

Zara may have saved Tiggie’s life, but he completely changed hers!

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