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Cat Missing After Tornado Finds Mom 1 Month Later During CNN Interview.

When a massive tornado ripped through northern Alabama in April 2011, it left an equally massive trail of destruction in its wake.

With winds clocked at nearly 200 mph, 12 percent of Tuscaloosa alone was destroyed, including 1,257 residential homes and 116 commercial structures, according to the Tuscaloosa News.

aerial view tuscaloosa

Reporters from around the country descended on the devastated community in the following days, interviewing residents whose homes were either severely impacted or completely destroyed. Among them was Judy Pugh, who described seeing debris spinning around as the roof was ripped right off her home. She escaped relatively unscathed, thanks to a wall that fell on her and kept her anchored to the ground.

judy pugh tuscaloosa

Still, she returned to the site of her former home every day for weeks, hoping to find Cadie. She and her two other cats had managed to escape, but there’d been no sign of her 10-year-old long-haired cat for nearly a month. But on the very day she was being interviewed by a CNN reporter, Cadie suddenly strolled out from among the rubble!

Judy couldn’t have been happier, reaching down to pick up the scruffy cat and hugging her tightly! Cadie, too, was pleased as punch, purring so loudly that the vibrations were easily picked up by the mic!

judy pugh and cat

“Come see your mama … Honey, you probably don’t weigh two pounds,” Judy said, rocking Cadie back and forth in her arms. “Oh, honey. I have everything I want now. I have all three cats.”


We can all learn something from Judy’s words in that moment. Homes, furniture, china… all the material things can be replaced. But lives can’t, and as any pet lover knows, that includes our cherished animals.

Watch this incredibly heartwarming scene play out in the video below, and remember to share to spread the love!