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Toddler Sings The World’s Cutest Version Of “Old McDonald.”

Just a month shy of her second birthday, a little carrot-top by the name of Josie was singing one of her favorite tunes, using a children’s pop-up book as a visual aid of sorts, and her dad, Eric Palonen, simply couldn’t let the moment pass by without getting footage of at least part of it.

If I had such an adorable little girl, I’d probably have that camera running 24/7 because it’s just a matter of time before she does something completely unstaged and irresistible…

eric erin and josie palonen

So, what did this precious little girl do that was worthy of more than 11 million hits on YouTube?


She only knows half of the lyrics of this song, and she doesn’t even know the name of the actual song. But it involves making lots of animal sounds, and she has those down pat, and that’s good enough for her!

2-year-old josie palonen

Listen to the most adorable version of “Old McDonald” in the video below, and share to give your friends their daily doses of “awwwww”!

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