This Country Teen Sounds Just Like Johnny Cash, Just Wait Till He Starts To Sing!

American Idol auditions are always entertaining to watch. Whether the auditions are incredibly bad or a contestant unleashes a mindblowing performance, millions tune in every season to watch the show go down.


As we enter the farewell season of American Idol, the judges in the video below–specifically Kieth Urban–were blown away to hear Johnny Cash impersonator Josiah Siska do the Man in Black’s “Ghost Riders” justice.

Urban was by far one of the most speechless judges on the panel during the audition. Harry Connick Jr. managed to praise this Georgian cowboy after he shook off his stupor; “That’s just so cool,”the actor and lyricist exclaimed.

Check out Josiah’s incredible performance below and share if you felt Johnny Cash come back through his incredible talent.

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