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Little Fan’s Dreams Come True When Pro Player Pulls Him Onto Field For Sweetest Game.

Have you ever watched a young fan at a baseball game? They watch the players in awe, and most of them bring their own little league mits along with them on the off-chance they get to catch a fly ball. It’s adorable and a kind of joy that can be felt just by watching them.

One little boy got the chance of a lifetime at a Cleveland Indian’s game when player Josh Donaldson not only signed a baseball for him but brought him on to the field for a quick game of catch.


At the end of a game, as many players do, Donaldson was greeting some of his dedicated fans and signing autographs. In a video captured by a game’s attendee, the pro-ball player signs the baseball of a young boy and then asks him, “you wanted to play catch today, didn’t you?” The boy nods yes, and Donaldson scoops him up over the railing and onto the field.


Fans in the stands immediately respond with “aww’s” and one man tells the player, “now, that’s big league man!” as he runs to the dugout to grab another ball. The young boy eagerly follows him before catching the first throw with ease.


Seeing a professional athlete give back to kids – not only makes your heart melt but gives those same kids the drive and determination to reach for their dreams. This little boy is sure to be a fan for life and help keep the sport popular for years to come.



One thing is for sure, that little boy will always remember his very first game of catch on a professional baseball field.

Watch the sweet interaction in the video below – and be sure to share with anyone who could use a smile!

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