Man Takes In Stray Dog Who Bit Him And Gives Her 2nd Chance At Life.

jorge jaime sitting on the ground outside and smiling with his arm around a light brown stray dog named ojo

Jorge Jaime loves rescuing animals of all kinds, including cats, birds, and even farm animals. Living in Mexico, though, it’s especially common for him to come across stray dogs.

He loves rescuing these sweet pups, but with every canine he helps, there’s always some level of risk involved. Many of the strays he comes across have had rough lives that have led them to not trusting humans. Still, the possibility of getting hurt doesn’t keep Jorge from helping as many as he can, even when that possibility becomes a reality.

The everyday hero was walking down the road one day when he noticed a light brown dog in the distance. As he got closer, he could tell that she was becoming defensive. He began to approach her more slowly, eventually reaching out his hand to pet the scared pup. But in that very moment, the dog lunged for his arm and bit down hard.

Thankfully, he was able to get free of the canine’s jaw with relative ease. As soon as he did, he got himself checked out at a medical center. Once he was all patched up, he went straight back to the same dog who hurt him so he could feed her and get her seen by a veterinarian.

His generosity didn’t end there. Jorge continued to visit the dog, who would later be named Ojo. He brought her food and water, and with time, she finally began to trust him. Eventually, he was able to find her a temporary home until she ends up in her forever home!

Even now that Ojo has a safe living space, Jorge still makes time to visit her. It couldn’t be clearer with each visit that this once misunderstood pup couldn’t be more grateful that Jorge gave her a second chance!

“They’re not bad, it’s just that sometimes on the street they have to fight for their lives,” Jorge said. “These days, when she sees me, she comes running to me and that’s worth more than a bite.”

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