Flight Attendant’s Impromptu “Oklahoma” Performance Has Entire Cabin Cheering.

There are plenty of reasons why Southwest Airlines has a stellar reputation. Time and time again, the airline’s employees have gone above and beyond to show customers they truly care.

That’s what makes Jon Popiel such a fantastic addition to their team of flight attendants. While he’s only worked for the company a couple of months, he’s already done a great job of making passengers smile — and sing!

jon popiel flight attendant

Before Jon became a flight attendant, he worked as a professional actor for 12 years in New York City. As such, he figured the best way to make a good first impression would be to step it up a notch when it came to his passengers’ in-flight entertainment.

flight attendant oklahoma

During the final 20 minutes of a recent flight into Oklahoma City, Jon made an announcement, but it wasn’t just about the plane’s descent. He told passengers to raise their hands if they were from Oklahoma and asked them to join in for a special performance.

“I will not do this by myself. I will hang up this phone, and we will not do it,” he joked as passengers giggled. “So I need everyone’s participation on the count of three.” Then, he treated the entire cabin with a beautiful rendition of the titular song from the hit Broadway production, “Oklahoma!”

flight attendant oklahoma

The shift in the cabin’s atmosphere was almost palpable as more and more passengers joined in, singing the familiar song with smiles on their faces. The previously mundane flight quickly turned into a fun experience for everyone on board.

southwest airlines oklahoma

Jon’s clear, powerful voice was the cherry on top as he finished, eliciting claps and cheers from his new adoring fans. He may have left his acting career behind, but something tells us he won’t be performing any less.

flight attendant oklahoma

If every flight attendant was as positive and engaging as Jon, nobody would dread traveling by plane. Great job, Jon! You’ll fit in just fine at Southwest.

Listen as passengers put on an impromptu musical in the air below. Be sure to share this sweet story with your friends!

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