Cop Asks Facebook For Help Finding Kindhearted Teen Who Helped Elderly Woman In Rain.

Police officers are used to seeing bad behavior, so when they get to witness an act of kindness, it goes a long way.

Officer Joe Holt from Independence, Missouri, was on the job one rainy day in August when he saw something that made him want to cheer. He’d stopped at a grocery store to pick up some food and returned to his car to eat. As he did, he noticed a teenager approach an elderly woman in the parking lot.

teen helps woman to her car

The boy took off his jacket, draped it around her, and escorted her to her car while rain came pouring down on them. Holt was so touched he snapped a photo, then followed the boy back to his car, where his mother waited.

When the boy’s mother saw Holt, she initially thought something was wrong and her son was in trouble. But the officer just wanted to sing her son’s praises.

“I told his mom that she has done amazing with him, and I hope and pray he goes places,” Holt wrote on the Independence Police Department’s Facebook page. “She started tearing up, because I was a cop and took time out of my day to call him out on what I witnessed.”

Holt didn’t get their names, so he hoped that by sharing their exchange on Facebook, he would be able to find the good samaritan and thank him properly. He wrote, “Kiddo, if you see me on the street again, this guy owes you a dinner. You ever need anything, I will come running to ya.”

Thanks to the thousands who liked and shared the post, Holt’s mission was accomplished! Less than a week later, his message caught the attention of one of the teen’s family members, who called the police department.

independence pd facebook thread

Holt learned this kindhearted boy was 14-year-old Tyrea. And in an updated post, he happily shared that over the weekend, he treated Tyrea and Ebony, his amazing mom, to dinner — just like he promised. Holt said it was the least he could do.

“As much love as that kid displayed that day, that kid could go places,” Holt said. “And I think he could set an example for what society needs to be.”

officer holt tyrea and ebony

Holt is setting his own example by repaying one kindness with another. Imagine what a wonderful world we’d live in if everyone did the same!

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