Teen Athlete Develops Beautiful Friendship With Boy With Autism.

They say you often forget the words someone said, but you never forget how they made you feel.

One mom who understands this concept better than most is the blogger behind Homebound and Healing. She has two sons, Jim and Christian, who are both on the autism spectrum. Life can be challenging raising two special needs kids, but she finds joy in their differences.


Mom recently shared a story on her Facebook page about a friend of her oldest son Jim. “When Jim was four years old, he was introduced to a boy named Kyle,” she wrote. “They would see each other every now and then on the weekends over the next few years.”

Even though Jim has trouble communicating and never spoke to his friend, Kyle seemed to have an innate understanding that every person is different. He never judged Jim for his autism, looking beyond his behavioral quirks and loving the person he is inside. Jim’s mom says that so many kids tend to ignore autistic children, so the fact that Kyle really saw her son and genuinely enjoyed spending time with him warmed her heart.


Kyle grew up to be a star baseball player. Each year he joins dozens of other talented high school players for the Autism Awareness Baseball Challenge, a three day event in New Jersey. Naturally, Kyle dedicates his games to Jim, even though the two haven’t seen each other in many years.


Kyle’s told her, “Jim is forever in Kyle’s heart. If he wasn’t going into the Army he was going to go to school to become a special ed teacher. He adores Jim. When you put videos up, he just sits and smiles while watching them.”

Jim’s mother says she finds tremendous solace in the fact that someone as young and talented as Kyle recognizes her son as the friend he is. “I see horrific videos and articles on social media regularly, displaying unimaginable acts of violence and cruelty towards individuals with autism, and my heart breaks over and over,” she wrote on Facebook. “Then I see articles and pictures like this, and I’m reminded of how good people can be. People that look beyond differences and treat others with kindness and compassion.”


“The world needs a lot more people like Kyle,” she added. We couldn’t agree more. Kyle is obviously a kind person who was raised right! Rather than ignoring people who look, act, or think differently than we do, we need to learn to embrace them and foster a feeling of unity. Let’s all try to follow this high school student’s example and be like Kyle!

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