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Jimmy John’s Driver Makes Special Delivery For Exhausted Mom Home With Sick Kids.

Moms of young kids are among the busiest folks out there — but a mom with a houseful of sick kids? Whew, we’re getting exhausted just thinking about it. So when this mom (and nurse!) placed her order at Jimmy John’s, it’s no surprise she needed a caffeine kick.

Unfortunately, the sub shop doesn’t serve coffee… but that didn’t stop this delivery driver from being a total godsend for Mom! Check out her post below:


That’s right. The Jimmy John’s driver not only brought her lunch, he stopped at a Circle K convenience store to pick up a hot coffee and espresso shots, too! And yes, the mom confirmed he still was freaky fast.

“He actually called me on the way asking if I minded gas station coffee because there was a line at McDonald’s and he didn’t want to take too long,” said the grateful mom. “I seriously could cry, because I’ve been doubting the humanity of humans lately. This guy was sent to me as a reminder that it’s not all bad out there. I’m so grateful.”

It turns out, the driver’s sister is a mom herself, so he knew firsthand how hard it can be. After the delivery, he even thanked her for the chance to help out and said he’d be happy to do it again in the future.

“Be excellent to each other,” the mom concluded. “This guy was.”

Now that’s customer service!

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