Jimmy Carter Stands Up In Middle Of Flight, Then Asks Flight Attendant If He Can Break The Rules.

Despite what your political affiliations may be, former President Jimmy Carter, is one of the world’s most genuine men.

Since he left the Oval Office, Carter has made a point to invest in those around him. He has emerged as a champion of human rights and furthered the cause of dozens of nonprofit organizations. His kindness and willingness to invest in those around him is such an admirable quality… and he’s proved it yet again.

Over the weekend, former President Jimmy Carter was spotted on a commercial flight doing what he does best – making everyone around him feel special.


One by one, Carter took the time to shake the hand of every person on the flight, making sure that each of them felt acknowledged. Once, when asked why he made such an effort to connect with strangers, Carter simply said, “I was president of all people in the United States not just some people.”

And this wasn’t the first time he went out of his way.

Even though he will be 93-years-old on October 1st, he refuses to slow down.

Check out his kindness in the video below!

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Jimmy Carter shakes hands with every passenger on ATL flight

HOW SWEET: Former President Jimmy Carter was spotted on a Delta flight, where he shook hands with every passenger aboard the plane before leaving Atlanta.MORE: fox26houston.com/260400560-storyCourtesy: James Sheffield

Posted by FOX 26 Houston on Sunday, June 11, 2017

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