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Daughter Finds Spare Change In Pill Bottle From Disabled Dad & Sees Heartwarming Note.

Some dads never let life’s setbacks keep them from doing everything they can to help their children.

In 1981, Jim Porterfield of Katy, Texas, was involved in a head-on collision with a drunk driver that left him with physical and mental disabilities. He had 13 surgeries in the year following the accident and was in a coma for six weeks. Doctors were uncertain that Jim would even wake up, much less go on to lead a productive life.

Love What Matters

Defying the odds, though, Jim did wake up, but the road to recovery was long and arduous. His lacerated forehead had caused swelling on his brain, which led to seizures and severe short-term memory loss. His left arm was also so badly damaged that doctors wanted to amputate, but his infection healed just in time to save the limb. Still, he was left unable to use his dominant hand, and decades later, he still has trouble walking without assistance.

Love What Matters

In spite of his broken body and badly injured brain, Jim is a devoted dad to his four children Krista, Trisha, Morgan, and Evan. He also adores his grandchildren.

His daughter, Morgan recently took to Twitter to describe the little ways that her dad showed his love for her over the years, from taking her fishing to teaching her to appreciate the blessings in their lives.


Morgan said, “My dad’s sense of humor has helped tremendously in how he deals with adversity. He is the funniest guy I know and has THE BEST DAD JOKES; no matter how corny the joke, he has the room rolling with laughter!”


Although he’s disabled, Jim managed to work for over 30 years with help from the Texas Rehabilitation Commission, but he after he was laid off, things got pretty tight in their household.

“He has always lived paycheck to paycheck, but we always had a roof over our head, food on the table, and faith that we would be okay,” said Morgan. Things are tight in the Porterfield household, and she noticed that her dad was saving every bit of pocket change he came upon. She didn’t think much of it, but soon enough she’d find out what he was up to.


Morgan explained that she and her dad share a love of coffee, but when things grew tight budget-wise, she had to cut back. She was moved beyond words, though, when she came home from work one night and found a pill bottle full of his pocket change in her room.


Inside the bottle, there was the change Jim had been gathering for the past few days. There was also a tiny, handwritten note stuffed into the container:


$11.19 – 6/1/19 ♥️
Coffee Money
Love, Dad

Morgan immediately burst into tears.

“I had noticed him saving his pocket change for a while, and in no way did it surprise me that he didn’t spend it on himself, and I don’t think he will ever understand how special this gesture is to me,” she said.


After Morgan shared the story of Jim’s pocket money on Twitter, she was thrilled to find that many people around the world recognized this as being one of the small sacrifices parents make for their kids every day. How many times has a mom or dad gone without so that their kids could have something?

Before long, people were asking about a GoFundMe, which Morgan set up with help from one of her sisters. To date, they’ve raised nearly $18,000 to help with the family’s expenses. Morgan says they’re blown away by the generosity of others, and it’s wonderful to see the way life gives back to those who have given to others.

twitter jim porterfieldgo fund me response

Our dad taught us to always help those in need, and to appreciate all of the blessings in our lives. He has instilled in us the importance of thanking others for their generosity and thanking God for the love and grace he shows us every day.

What a wonderful story and it all came to light because of one simple act of kindness between a father and his daughter!

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