Artist Uses Ordinary Tin Foil To Sculpt Mask Of Dog’s Face – In Under 1 Minute.

Artists work with all kinds of mediums to create their masterpieces – paint, clay, metal, even colored sand and shards of glass. But the cost of those supplies adds up, and New York City artist Jim McKenzie has doubtless spent a tidy sum on all the components he uses for his work.

But art supplies don’t always have to cost an arm and a leg.

In a video posted earlier this year, this talented young man used an everyday household material to create a stunning piece of artwork – in under one minute!


The artist’s dog serves as his muse as he twists and turns a piece of ordinary tin foil this way and that, occasionally glancing up at his model to make sure he’s still on track.


Wow. What an incredible likeness!


According to his Facebook page, Jim works as a director, designer, and professor, and his sculptures and paintings “often depict surrealist wonderlands occupied by highly saturated characters.”

This tin foil creation must have been either experimental or just him having some fun, because most of his creations have an otherworldly look to them. They’re almost all more along the lines of this:


Clearly, his dog is a big inspiration!

Check out Jim’s work in the clip below – pretty cool, huh? Give it a try yourself and post your masterpiece in the comments. And remember to share to spread some inspiration!