Bride Goes On Adventures In 50 Countries In Her Wedding Dress.

Most brides only wear their wedding dress once before it goes in the back of the closet for decades.

Jennifer Salvage, however, had other plans for the gown she wore when she married Jeff in 2008. The two of them are avid travelers who are determined to explore the world, so after their destination wedding in Polynesia, they devised a brilliant way to make new memories!


“On the flight home, I was lamenting putting the dress in a closet for life, and one of us suggested bringing it on our summer trip to the Alps and China,” Jennifer explained.

They both agreed it was a great idea! Jeff is a college professor by trade, but he also dabbles in photography, so when Jennifer slipped her dress back on, her husband captured the moment in a stunning way.

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“The reaction we got when people saw me in the gown and learned we were already married was overwhelmingly positive,” Jennifer said. “We knew we had stumbled on an original lifelong project.”


The Salvages take about two trips a year, but in their 12 years of marriage, they’ve managed to visit 50 countries!

No matter where they go, Jennifer throws on her dress to pose for some truly incredible photographs. So far, she’s worn the dress snorkeling, dog sledding, hiking, and even floating in a space simulator!


These adventures are the perfect backdrop for the almost 300 photo shoots they’ve done so far, and each one helps the lovebirds grow closer.

“The project gives us a common goal,” Jeff said. “As relationships age, it’s easy to silo yourself in your work or other interests. It’s important to have activities that you do together.”


And their relationship isn’t the only one that’s strengthened! Wherever they go, they make connections with curious strangers.

“The project is most meaningful to me for the relationships it has forged,” Jennifer said. “We have also made amazing friendships all over the world. I am very grateful.”


Jennifer’s all-time favorite moment was riding a horse in the ocean, although she said she does wear a backup dress when she’s in the water.


Today, their bucket list includes South Africa, Seychelles, and Nepal — and you’d better believe each packing list will include her wedding dress!


What a fantastic way to get the most out of a pricey wedding gown! Thank you, Jeff and Jennifer, for sharing your adventures with the world.

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