Southwest Employee Goes “To Infinity And Beyond” To Get 2-Yr-Old’s Favorite Toy Home.

When you’re 2 years old, few things are more important to you than your favorite toy — and few things are more devastating than the thought of losing it.

This is something that a Southwest LIT ramp agent named Jason must understand pretty well. He caught some serious buzz earlier this month when he went out of his way to make sure a lost toy made it home safely to its owner. But that wasn’t even the best part. It was the way Jason went about this toy rescue that won him fans all over the world!

We’ll set the scene for you. In early March, a 2-year-old boy named Hagen took a Southwest Airlines flight to Dallas with his family — and his Buzz Lightyear action figure. After landing and hopping in a rental car, Hagen made a heart-wrenching discovery: He had left his favorite buddy on the plane.

Sure enough, Buzz had decided to stay behind and hitch a ride all the way to Little Rock, Arkansas. Luckily for Hagen, there was another hero waiting for the daring action figure there.

Jason noticed the space ranger sitting alone on the airplane and immediately assumed he must be carrying out some secret mission. But then he decided to enlist Buzz in a whole new mission of his own making.

So the ramp agent grabbed his “Coheart,” as Southwest puts it, named Beth and began a search to find Buzz’s long-lost buddy. In true “Toy Story” fashion, they found the answer in the form of one little word on the bottom of Buzz Lightyear’s shoe: “Hagen.”

Fortunately for everyone involved, there had only been one Hagen traveling on the aircraft that day! Ashley Davis, Hagen’s mom, said, “My address was given to Jason, and he let me know he’d be mailing him back to us from Arkansas.”

But before sending Buzz back to his family, Jason decided to turn this into a surprise Hagen wouldn’t forget.

Just a few days later, the Davis family received a lovely package they simply couldn’t believe.

Jason had taken the time to capture photographs of Buzz on his epic journey in Arkansas, depicting his adventures in hand-drawn illustrations on the package and even including a letter from Buzz Lightyear himself.

“He took his own time to make sure my son got his prized toy back and went above and beyond for him,” Ashley added. “As a mother, to see someone go those lengths for my son is incredible and a memory to cherish forever.”

The best part of all: Hagen was finally reunited with his pal Buzz!

“There’s definitely not enough good in this world, and for someone to take the time out of their day to do that for strangers means the world to us,” Ashley said.

What a great reminder that the smallest acts of kindness often end up making the biggest impact!

“This story really speaks to the culture of Southwest Airlines and the employees that work for them,” Ashley added. “It is the epitome of what they stand for. A huge thank-you to Jason, Beth … and Southwest Airlines for getting our son’s favorite buddy back to him.”

When Hagen first lost his toy, Ashley never could have imagined that this is how their story would end up — with over 100,000 shares on Facebook and counting.

“I’m not surprised though because it is a feel-good story and reminds you there is still human kindness out there,” Ashley continued. “[And] that people are still doing good for strangers, and [it] just [puts] a huge smile on your face when you read or hear about the story.”

It sure does! Thank you, Jason, for reminding us that it pays off to go to infinity and beyond in showing generosity to others.

Watch Hagen reunite with Buzz Lightyear in the video below, and don’t forget to share this uplifting story with a friend.

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