This UPS Driver Poses With Every Dog He Meets On Route And We Can’t Stop Smiling.

If you have to work, you might as well find ways to bring joy into your routine!

For the past two years, UPS driver Jason Hardesty of New Orleans, Louisiana, has been doing just that. Every Friday, he kicks off his weekend by indulging in his favorite hobby: stopping for a visit and a picture with every cute dog he happens to spot along his route. Here are our 15 favorites!

1. Jason started sharing the pictures of his sweet encounters on Instagram.

2. He created #PupsOfJay and always tags their owners.

3. More than 82,000 people have started following him to see his adorable photos.

4. “I discipline myself to only take photos on Friday nights,” he said.

5. While he doesn't only share heartwarming dog pictures, they are his cutest posts!

6. Jason recently posed with local author Jami Attenberg's dog Sid.

7. Attenberg tweeted about Jason's Pups of Jay hobby, and her tweet went viral.

8. “I have extremely important news and it is this: my sweet UPS guy has a hashtag of all the dogs in the neighborhood,” she wrote.

9. Now, Jason has even more fans who are finding joy and paw-sitivity through his content.

10. Attenberg couldn't be happier to have introduced the world to Jason's contagious smile!

11. “I am genuinely delighted that my tweet introduced so many people to something that made them so happy,” she told Today.

12. We're delighted too, Attenberg!

13. “We deserve some simple pleasures," she added. "Also it was a reminder that the people we interact with every day in small ways can actually have a big impact on our life."

14. And don't worry, Jason doesn't just pose with dogs he meets on his route.

15. Sometimes he also finds cute kitties!

It's hard not to smile when we see Jason's joyful face paired with his adorable furry friends! What a wonderful hobby! We'll definitely be looking forward to his Friday night updates from now on.

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