Bodybuilder With Cystic Fibrosis Inspires 1000s With His Journey To Health.

Not too long ago, Jared Wells of Utica, New York, had all but given up on life. Managing his cystic fibrosis was hard enough, but then he was diagnosed with lung cancer and spent the next five years fighting the disease.

Somewhere along the way, he lost his will to live. He stopped taking his medications, reasoning that he had simply accepted his fate. Fortunately, he soon found a strength that he had never known after stepping into the Body Alive gym!

In 2018, the then 21-year-old inspired thousands when photos and videos of his workouts went viral. At the time, he had just been cleared to exercise following a stay at the hospital.

Cystic fibrosis affects the lungs, and having neglected his health, Jared had even more difficulty breathing. He was also emaciated with 0 percent body fat, but he was determined to make progress. Over the following months, he slowly gained muscle and confidence…

…and even started bodybuilding! At his first competition, he placed fourth and fifth in his classes. Basically, he was unstoppable!

Since then, a lot has changed for Jared — and the world. In the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic, he had to put bodybuilding on the back burner, as his health and safety come first.

That said, he’s still pursuing his dreams! These days, he lives in Denver, Colorado, where he works at an appliance factory. He also recently applied to become a part-time fitness instructor!

One of the challenges he faces is keeping weight on, although it’s not for a lack of effort. And, as is the case for everyone, some days are harder than others when it comes to finding motivation. Jared moves past those moments by making it a point to focus on how far he’s come.

“It’s on those days that I look back at my past and the struggles I’ve been through,” he wrote. “I have to remind myself that where I started was much worse than the bad day I might be dealing with.”

He’s always working to better himself and is currently pursuing certifications in nutrition and personal training. He told InspireMore, “While I might not know [how] what I’m doing today is gonna affect tomorrow, I know that if I can accomplish these things and build my own better mindset and better health, whatever I want to do tomorrow, I can get right after it.”

Of course, he’s not doing everything alone! He draws strength from his loved ones and the fans who have been cheering him on for years.

“It’s one of the huge reasons why I get up every day, and I really just go 110 percent cause I know so many people are watching me, looking up to me, and looking to me as a source for inspiration,” he explained. “It definitely helps me get the day done.”

Way to keep pushing through, Jared! No matter what obstacles you face, you’ve made it clear that your zest for life isn’t going anywhere. We’re wishing you so much happiness and health!

Learn more about his journey in the video above, and share this story to encourage someone who is working toward their own health goals. For more inspiration, be sure to follow Jared’s journey on Instagram.

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