Caregiver Brings Woman With Dementia On Stage To Wow Family With Frank Sinatra.

Jamie Lee Morley is a music lover from Edinburgh, Scotland who took a job working at Northcare Suites Care Home a few months ago.

Jamie admits that he wasn’t sure he’d be able to do such an emotional job because he’s “a softie,” but he soon found he loves working with the elderly. Each day Jamie works with people who suffer from dementia and other physical and mental issues, finding joy in the work that he never expected. Margaret Mackie is one resident who has touched Jamie’s heart.


At 83, Margaret suffers from dementia and seldom remembers her caregivers from day to day, yet she has an uncanny ability to remember songs she used to love in her younger days.

When the facility decided to put on a Christmas party for their residents and families, Jamie was asked to help with the karaoke machine because he is such a big fan of music. Since he often sings with Margaret, Jamie immediately asked her to join him on stage to sing a song together.

“I called Margaret up on stage, and she was right up there with me, I didn’t have to ask her twice,” Jamie said, adding that she “comes alive” whenever she hears a song by Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra. When Jamie asked her to sing “My Way,” Margaret didn’t hesitate to say yes.


The song has a special significance for Jamie because it was one of his grandfather’s favorite songs, so they played it at his funeral. “For those close to me will know this was my Grandad’s funeral song who our family sadly lost to Alzheimer’s last year,” he explained on Facebook. “I’ve never really sang this song as it’s a classic but I knew how much Margaret and her family would love it. Her family & friends were there in the audience to witness this moment and what a moment it was.”

“For her to get up on stage at her age and have so much courage and fight and sing so beautifully absolutely blew my mind. This is a moment I will never ever forget,” Jamie said.

As with all of life’s most precious moments, Margaret’s memory was fleeting. She may not remember singing the song (or even who Jamie is), but her family was able to catch a glimpse of the young woman she once was, and they will cherish that memory forever.

For Jamie, the moment was a validation for the work he does to brighten the residents’ lives each day. He also shared this insight from the experience that we serves as a reminder to us all:

“Be more like Margaret and live each day to the full and sing your absolute hearts out! This video isn’t about being pitch perfect but it’s about this amazing woman doing what she loves the most which is singing. I feel so blessed to have been able to get her up to sing with me. A moment in my heart forever.”


Words to live by! We’re so glad that Jamie and Margaret’s family got to see this side of her one more time. Thank you, Jamie, for sharing such a wonderful moment with the world.

Watch Margaret having her moment in the video below, and be sure to share.

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