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Sibling Shares James Taylor’s Sweet Interaction With Nonverbal Sister Before Concert.

On Friday, a Reddit user posted a photo of their sister next to legendary Hall of Famer James Taylor, writing:

“My sister got to meet her all-time favorite musician, James Taylor. She has cerebral palsy and is nonverbal, but she has always reacted very emotionally to music. James invited her to come watch his band warm up before his show, and to her excitement, he came down to say hello.”


The sweet sibling went on to explain their sister has been a fan of James’s for over 40 years now, and “she has always had happy and positive reactions when she hears his songs… She was all smiles and laughter for the entire 2-hour show.”

Having performed for over 50 years, James Taylor is undoubtedly used to meeting fans, but we have a feeling this is one special interaction he won’t soon forget.

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