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Jets Fan With Special Needs Meets Favorite Player & Their Interaction Is Too Sweet.

Die-hard sports fans know that the best part of a live game experience isn’t the actual game itself, it’s after. Right after the game many players will take the time to interact with their biggest fans, signing cards, balls, and just getting to know the people who admire them so much.

New York Jets player, Jamal Adams, is one of those players. He makes an effort to connect with his fans through various means, including in-person after games.


Recently, Jamal took his time getting to the showers after a game by chatting with the fans that hung around to talk to him.  He took his time meeting with people one-by-one, offering high fives, and signing memorabilia. Still, there was one fan, in particular, who was thrilled just to meet him.


In a video that has circulated online, Jamal walks up to a fan in a wheelchair who has what can only be described as the biggest smile across his face. Jamal shakes his hand and bends down to sign the fan’s jersey, and the fan’s smile somehow manages to get even bigger!


As if meeting his hero and having his jersey signed for him isn’t enough to make this fan’s day, Jamal also gifts him with his catching gloves, which only makes the interaction that much sweeter.


The meeting between the two was short-lived, but it packed a serious punch of kindness, generosity, and pure elation. We have a feeling that both Jamal and his (possibly biggest) fan will remember their meeting for years to come.

Watch the heartwarming interaction in the video below and be sure to spread the joy and share this story with your friends!

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