Photographer Takes Daughter On Unforgettable At-Home Mountain Expeditions.

Staying indoors during the novel coronavirus pandemic is tough for most people, but a little bit of imagination can go a long way.

Ivo Popov is a photographer from Brussels, Belgium, who has been isolating with his family in their city apartment. The dad has always been an avid mountain climber, skier, and backpacker, so he’s been missing his outdoor hobbies.

Ivo Popov

“Being a photographer stuck at home is no fun, but I dream about all the photos I will take when we are finally allowed to travel again,” he said. “One morning, I woke up with an idea for a project in my head. And I took my 5-year-old daughter along for a ride.”

The idea is “ongoing,” so they’re creating a new virtual mountaineering experience every day. The resulting photos are charming and full of whimsy!

1. Here’s the photo that gave Ivo the idea.

Ivo Popov Photography

2. “Being inside doesn’t mean we have to stop photographing, so I decided to bring my daughter along on a mountain adventure.”

Ivo Popov Photography

3. “No social gatherings means no weddings and events, and that means no work for photographers. But I am thankful to be safe in confinement with the people I love the most — my wife and daughter. So we try to make the best of it!”

Ivo Popov Photography

4. “Tricky rescue operation today on a peak nearby, but I am glad I have a reliable partner to belay me.”

Ivo Popov Photography

5. “I was a bit sad, so Lily decided to bring me closer to the mountains. And she succeeded.”

Ivo Popov Photography

6. “The perspective of not being able to travel to my favorite mountains this summer is quite sad, but I am hoping for the best. In the meantime we do what we can.”

Ivo Popov Photography

7. “As a friend told me long ago, skiing is the best way to clear your head since you are way too preoccupied with the task of staying alive to think about anything else.”

Ivo Popov Photography

8. “Don’t try this at home please.”

Ivo Popov Photography

9. “I was peacefully meditating on the balcony. And then this happened.”

Ivo Popov Photography

10. “So this is how teleworking feels like with kids at home. No problem though, I am managing.”

Ivo Popov Photography

11. “Being in the mountains is awesome and fun, but can also be dangerous. We lost a few good stuffed animals today while climbing ‘El Cheminée de Roodebeek’ (4½ m).”

Ivo Popov Photography

We can’t wait to see where these two adventurers go next! What a wonderful way to bond during this uncertain season.

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