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It’s Time To Ditch The Diet Talk, Mama.

“I need to lose x pounds, so I’m cutting out y from my diet.” I hear this sentence come up in conversation way too often—even in small talk. It’s so common, that it may seem innocuous, and ends up being carelessly thrown around with the pleasantries and weather talk.

This summer when I see the moms huddled outside my three-year-old’s camp classroom for pick up, I don’t want to hear any diet and body shaming chit-chat.

I don’t want to hear about how hungry you are from your restrictive diet—

but I do want to hear about how healthy you feel doing that new workout.

I don’t want to hear about how you look terrible in all of your swimsuits—

but I do want to hear about how you went to the pool with your kids and had the best time splashing around with them.

Danielle Sherman-Lazar

I don’t want to hear about the dieting merry-go-round that keeps spinning because they aren’t sustainable–

but I do want to hear about the merry-go-round you took your kids on and how much they loved it.

I want us to make a pact: can we lay off of ourselves? Can we ditch the “d” word altogether?  I know it’s hard because we associate the summer with the pool, and the pool with being more than half-naked—so naturally our body insecurities are bound to follow.  And trust me, I’m with you on being self-conscious, but I refuse to partake in the ridicule. It does no good for me, my children, and everyone in an ear’s reach.

What other things are there to talk about? Absolutely everything.

We can talk about that new dish you made for your family.

We can talk about the stain on the bottom of your shoe.

Really anything is better than hearing you speak negatively about yourself.

Let’s try not to perpetuate the cycle of hate. We can do better for other moms, our kids, and ourselves.

So, this summer, the only thing to cut from your diet is the contagious negative body and food talk that ignites diet culture.

I can guarantee it will be your best summer yet.

This story originally appeared on Living A FULL Life

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