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What To Do When Your Mental “Check Engine Light” Is On — From A Psychiatric Nurse.

While traveling down the road of life, everyone follows their own route. Twists, turns, hard climbs, and low valleys are all part of the journey. You can’t reach the scenic views unless you keep traveling.

Sometimes our vehicles need maintenance. The engine starts to run sluggish and we feel bogged down. We need to fill the tires, change the oil, and clean out the clutter.

Filling the tires adds stability. Increasing contact with positive members of your support system can breathe new air into your life. Reaching out to new people and allowing yourself to form new relationships helps to increase the amount of fresh air you are given. Engaging in activities for pure enjoyment inflates your soul and takes away some of the pressure that is deflating the tires in the first place. Filling our tires adds stability to the journey that makes every aspect of the rest of the ride easier.

Kira Gilbertson

After so many miles we have to change the oil. This helps filter out all the gunk that we have accumulated during the last leg of our journey. Changing the oil can be as simple as recommitting to a healthy eating plan and going for that extra walk. Sometimes, changing the oil is more complicated. For those times talking openly and honestly with your doctor about your needs is important. Doctors are the mechanics of the body and can help lay out the different maintenance options and what might be best for your current journey.

Cleaning out the clutter is one of the most satisfying things you can do. Discarding junk that has been causing you stress and discomfort is almost euphoric. Decluttering can be as simple as writing down the mental garbage or talking it through with a close confidant. Other times the clutter is overwhelming and we need a professional to come in and help clean up. Therapists are professional mental cleaners. They can help organize the clutter and help to make sense of what to toss, what to store away, and what to keep. The outside perspective can also help you realize that there really is no need to continue hauling around all the crap from the past that’s been weighing you down, deflating your tires, and clogging up your system.

Everyone’s journey is different. Regardless of the path driven, we all need to be mindful of the wear and tear we are receiving on the way. If your mental “check engine light” is on, take the time to give yourself the mental health maintenance you deserve.

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