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woman with green hair in despair walking by man

New Italian commercial tackles “judging others.” Its surprise ending? SO powerful.

We’ve all heard the saying “never judge a book by its cover” but the old adage can be hard to follow.

In the PSA below, a “goth” girl with green hair is forced to bear the brunt of judgment from other people. As she walks down the street to her waitressing job, passersby and restaurant patrons give her scalding looks and sidelong glances. It’s obvious they disapprove of her appearance and they make no effort to hide their disgust.

After a long day working to make ends meet, she finally makes her way home to a small apartment. The young woman drops to her knees in what could’ve been a moment of despair… until her little girl flies into her arms.

Check out the eye-opening video below and share to give some perspective.

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