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14-Yr-Old Sells Homemade Cupcakes For 1 Yr To Send Family On Epic Trip.

Disney World is a family-favorite vacation spot, but the happiest place on earth isn’t cheap. Families often spend years saving up for the magical experience just to see the joy on their kids’ faces when they finally meet Mickey for the first time.

14-year-old Isaiah Tuckett, like most kids, dreamt of going to Disney World with his family. So, he decided to take his beloved hobby of making cupcakes and turn it into a way to afford a trip for his whole family.


Isaiah’s family had always wanted to take a trip to Disney World, but the money just never seemed to be there for them to go. So, Isaiah decided that he would earn the money himself through his already-budding cupcake business.

Isaiah had been baking cupcakes since he was 12 and had earned a solid reputation for his business. In fact, he was constantly filling orders for birthday parties, graduations, and other fun events in his community. For about a year, like any kid, he was using his proceeds to buy things he wanted. Then, he decided to set the Disney World goal above anything else.


Much to his, and his family’s, surprise, Isaiah was able to make $4,500 in just one year! According to his mom, Cheri, he worked incredibly hard to earn the money and he never turned an order down.

Isaiah earned enough to pay for his entire family’s flights, hotel stay, and Disney World tickets. So the group traveled to Orlando over Thanksgiving and had the time of their lives – thanks to their aspiring pastry chef.


Since the trip, Isaiah’s business has only gained in popularity. He continues to work hard and hopes to earn enough money to buy himself a blue Ford pickup truck for when he turns 16.

Isaiah’s mom couldn’t be more proud of her son. Cheri told MSN, “The fact that he was able to save up to get everyone there, it was a fun memory that none of us will ever forget. I felt blessed to be his mom.”

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