Old Asian Man Completely Dominates Arcade Basketball, Then Walks Away Like It Was No Big Deal.

Old asian man walking away from arcade basketball game

What just happened?! This middle-aged man just completely dominated his younger opponents in this basketball arcade game, then walked away like it was no big deal. Notice the scores in red – 491 vs. a combined 239.



In case you’re wondering, he’s the guy on the left…

Asian man making it rain on basketball arcade game


The man just made 109 out of 112 shots in just under 48 seconds! His stats are incredible: 97% accuracy and 2.38 shots per second.
Maybe next time guys, I’m out…

Asian man casually walking away after dominating arcade basketball


Clearly he’s done this a time or two, and I’m sure he’s hustled many ego-driven young dudes out of a few bucks. But on this day, it seems he was only there to get in a little practice. Did you see him start working on his trick shots at 0:48?


Check out the full video below and share this man’s insane talent with your friends!


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