2nd Grade Teacher’s Inauguration Day Homework Is Going Viral, Special Assignment Has Parents Applauding.

As much as many Americans would love to believe in the effectiveness of our current democratic process… let’s face it: this past election, things got ugly. And things haven’t gotten any better since the winner of that election was announced. Americans are divided, and many people are struggling to co-exist in the midst of such polarizing politics.


Before the election results came in this past November, Ellen shared a heartwarming message of hope for her fellow Americans. The internet star “Kid President” similarly passed along a lesson on “how to disagree without making everybody feel terrible.” Now another lesson is going viral, but it isn’t coming from a celebrity, it’s coming from a 2nd grade teacher.

On the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration– knowing that even children can feel the tension and fear many of their parents experienced that day– a teacher shared this message, empowering her students to “make the world a better place:”


Many teachers use the inauguration as an opportunity to teach students about politics and history. This teacher used last week’s inauguration to teach students about kindness and decency.

Hopefully the message this teacher is instilling in her students now will stick with them as adults. Whether her students grow up to see their beloved candidates win or lose, may they always remember to “be responsible,” “be kind,” “celebrate the differences in others,” and always remember their teacher’s words: “Love and kindness rule.”

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