Imagine Dragons Singer Halts Concert To Tell Depressed Fans “You Are Not Broken.”

Singer Dan Reynolds has battled his demons and won. Now he wants to help others do the same.

The lead singer of Imagine Dragons stopped mid-song during a June concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City, urging any fan in attendance to seek help and talk to a trusted friend if they’re feeling depressed. Reynolds has battled depression for most of his life, stating, “It came to a point where I didn’t have an option. It was lose my family and lose my life, or seek help.”

dan reynolds imagine dragons with kids

In 2017, the singer did just that, taking a year-long hiatus from his hectic touring schedule for intensive therapy and mental health counseling. Now, he’s back on stage with his Grammy-winning band, and he’s got a message for people both young and old.

As 20,000 fans looked on, Reynolds paused in the middle of the song “Demons” to deliver this heartfelt message:

We have a stigmatization in our society today that is hurting our youth, even killing our youth. We cannot hide the fact that we all need help. It is not a broken thing to be depressed.


“I have a therapist,” he continued. “It does not make me broken. It does not make me weak. I was diagnosed with depression. It does not make me broken. It does not make me weak. There are many people out there tonight who are holding it into themselves, not talking to their friends, their parents.”

Reynolds is doing his part to remove the stigma of depression and anxiety, appealing to his audience to seek help if they need it without shame.

“Talk to somebody,” he said simply as he wrapped up his brief speech, adding “I understand the grayness. I understand the numbness. It gets better. There is light up ahead. And above all, your life is always worth living. Always. Always. Always. Always. You are not broken.”


Reynolds, who has two children with ex-wife Aja Volkman, is now devoted to living as healthfully as possible, both in body and in mind. Ever since he “went to a therapist and sat down and basically faced it head on for the first time,” he’s felt at peace with his diagnosis.


Having high profile public figures like Reynolds addressing mental illness is a wonderful step towards removing the stigma we face in our society today. We agree with him — never be afraid or ashamed to reach out and ask for help if you’re feeling depressed. You are not alone!

Watch the singer’s passionate and poignant words of wisdom in the clip below, and be sure to share this story with your loved ones.

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