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I Was “The Cat In The Hat” Yesterday

I was the Cat in the Hat yesterday.

I read stories to preschoolers, giggled at Dr. Seuss rhymes, and delighted in little kid smiles.

I was the Gruffalo yesterday.

Stomping through the forest of my home, using stern looks to hustle my kids into line.

I was Winnie the Pooh yesterday.

Wiping honey off my kids’ faces, and the counter, and a Curious George doll. But I did it all with an Eeyore attitude.

I was Lightening McQueen yesterday.

Dodging through traffic trying to get from point A to point B when there wasn’t nearly enough time. Blaming others for my troubles all the way.

I was the Beast yesterday.

Growling throughout our castle, snapping at the other inhabitants, letting my frustration show.

Becca Carnahan

But when I woke up this morning, my kids remembered the Cat in the Hat.

They remembered the stories and the costume clad trip to get frozen yogurt. Thing 1 and Thing 2 skipped past the other plot lines and characters and remembered the happily ever after.

The happily ever after that I get to be a part of every day.

Thankfully I get a redemption arc. A hero story. And it’s not the end.

It’s the beginning.