Young Students Gather In A Circle, But When One Jumped In The Center My Heart Melted.

This “I love Myself Affirmation Chant” is pure gold.


In a time where unrealistic expectations and causes for insecurities are around every corner, teaching confidence to young girls is absolutely essential. Not only is there pressure to be a certain version of “perfect,” but it’s also looked down upon to show that self-assuredness. That’s why this practice is so great.

In the chant, the students gathered into a circle and each girl had their turn to jump in the middle. After saying each part of the chant, the other students repeated a statement of compliments, creating an even larger feeling of security for these young girls. The lines simply get every person to open up to the statement, “I love myself.”

This incredible idea is one that, if implemented, could help so many girls at such an impressionable age.

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