Man Shocks A Humble Waitress With A Promise He Made To His Deceased Brother.

Seth Collins’ brother Aaron was a beautiful and caring person who passed away too early. But before he died, Aaron had one wish: that his passion for helping others would be carried on. So his brother and friends started a campaign to be able to do just that. Their call to action got an unbelievable response – and they knew what they wanted to do with the unexpectedly ample amount of money.

They were going to go to restaurants and give their waiters/waitresses a $500 tip… and they would be able to do that about ONE HUNDRED times with all of the money they raised!

The woman they chose in this video – week 5 of the project – worked at a pizzeria and wasn’t expecting the gift whatsoever! Their act of kindness took her by total surprise… but the real tear-jerker was her response.

She refused to take the money for herself and instead pledged to give it back through charity! Not only did Aaron’s brother embody his giving attitude, but waitress did, too.

You can learn more about Aaron’s story and donate by visiting the Aaron’s Last Wish website.

Here’s an excerpt telling a little more about Aaron, who, even though he’s passed, is enriching the lives of strangers:

“Aaron was born June 15, 1982.  He was a computer technician for Computers Plus in Lexington, KY and held a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management.  Aaron lived his life quickly, not holding on to many things and always with a vigor to have experiences not possessions.

He was incredibly sentimental, though he always tried to hide it.  The small things people did for him are what touched him the most.  He was generous with the limited means he had, and his last wishes were that any money he had be given freely in ways that would impact those who received it.”

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