Son Of NFL Quarterback Steals The Spotlight When He Shows Off His Remarkable Talent. You Need To See This!

houston texans ryan fitzpatrick and son at press conference

Houston Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick really shook up the typical post-game press conference when he decided to put the spotlight on his 9-year-old son Brady. Ryan seemed almost uncomfortable when he discussed his own success that night – of 6 touchdowns against the Tennessee Titans – but he was visibly giddy when his son showed off his genius math skills.

The proud pop was keen on letting the world see Brady speedily multiply two double-digit numbers, without even a sheet of scratch paper. You could say Brady’s special talent has something to do with his impressive gene pool. Ryan is a Harvard graduate and has the third highest score in history on any NFL intelligence test…or maybe it’s just good parenting…who’s to say.

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