Hospital Staff Stops & Lines Up At The Sight Of The Flag For Sweetest Cause.

When Don Burcham accompanied his friend, Mary, to the Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas, he thought he’d simply be there to wait around for some testing.

But Don and Mary witnessed a significant moment¬†they’d never forget. It just goes to show you never know when you’re going¬†to be present for something truly unexpected and amazing.

As Don explained,

“[Mary and I] went to the lobby to wait and I noticed a man come in and go directly to one of the police officers and they both went back outside. I saw a panel van parked out front and the officer and two men came back in with a gurney. They went straight through the lobby and down the hall.

I told Mary that the van was still parked outside and I thought they would roll a body out through the lobby.”

Several minutes later, they saw the Presbyterian Hospital staff begin to line up. He counted about 60 people in all, standing in two lines similar to a funeral. And then a gurney rolled out.


As the covered body moved past staff members, they placed their hands over their hearts. Don and Mary were so moved, they too paid their respects in the same way as the gurney went by.

Don and Mary also saw a pair of police officers roll up and present a U.S. flag to a woman who’d followed them into the lobby.


Don shared that Mary later asked one of the officers what happened and why the staff reacted the way they did. Their answer was truly profound.

“[Mary] was told that this was a military veteran and that is something that they do for all veterans who pass away at the hospital.”

Kudos to the fine staff at the Dallas Presbyterian Hospital for honoring our veterans in such a thoughtful way! If you were touched by this story of honoring military men and women, please share it!