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snipes horse and duck

Curious Horse Loses His Mind When He Discovers New Stuffed Animal.

Performance horses are bred for specific purposes, and they like to work — but that can come in any number of forms, from cantering around a ring and executing jumps to pulling heavy loads. But who enjoys a life that’s all work and no play?

Definitely not Snipes, a young painted horse who lives at KrisKel Farm in southern New Hampshire. The facility is now covered in snow — and will be for the foreseeable future — but Snipes isn’t letting that get in the way of letting his hair down at the end of a hard day’s work.


Recently, Snipes’ was introduced to what we can only describe as his new best friend forever, and people just can’t get enough of the frisky beauty playing.

The video opens with Snipes investigating the new stuffed animal on his gate.


He spends about 20 seconds investigating the curious, plush platypus, then takes it in his mouth and spends the rest of the time prancing around the field in what can only be described as pure joy!


At one point, Snipes gets so excited, he flings the toy outside his fence. Like a good boy, he patiently waits while MKM Equine employee Mily Mallard fetches it, tossing the stuffed animal back inside.

Mily shot the video just over a week ago and posted it on Facebook with the caption, “I aspire to be as happy as Snipes with his stuffed animal.” It’s since been viewed millions of times, shared by tens of thousands, and was even featured on “The Ellen Show.”


Snipes and the plush toy have become fast friends and now do everything together, from wrestling in the snow to keeping each other warm on these cold winter nights.

Watch their first play date in the video below, and remember to share to spread even more joy!

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