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Woman Finds Stray Cowering Near Busy Street & Calls In Reinforcements.

It’s always shocking to jump on a forum and realize that some people still question whether getting their pets microchipped is worth it.

Anyone who still has doubts needs to watch the video below, which was filmed by Los Angeles-based rescue organization Hope For Paws in 2016. We’re betting thousands of pet owners have gotten their pets chipped after watching these heroes at work.


The rescue started when a woman spotted this frightened pooch hiding beneath the undercarriage of a car, parked along a busy road somewhere in Los Angeles. But she didn’t want to try and lure her out since the dog might bolt out onto the road, so she contacted Hope For Paws for assistance.

Two volunteers arrived at the scene and promptly circled the car with a lighweight, collapsible fence and netting. This little girl was safe for the time being, now it was just a matter of convincing her they were just there to help.

While she didn’t want to come out initially, she was obviously used to humans and craved human touch, so it wasn’t long before she was leaning in to Eldad Hagar’s outstretched hand.

luna hope for paws

Eventually, he was able to slip a Lucky Leash around her neck … and got her crawl out from under her spotting spot.

You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for someone to rescue me!


Luckily, Hope For Paws brings along a lot of tools of the trade on their rescue efforts, and chief among them is a microchip scanner. Once this pup was safe and secure in Loreta Frankonyte’s lap, Eldad ran the scanner along the side of her face and …

“Yep, she has a microchip!”

luna scanned for microchip

So what’s the story here? It turns out this little girl, Luna, and her brother were out on a walk with their owner a few days earlier, and as they were going through a crosswalk, a car struck her brother. He wasn’t badly injured, but Luna was so frightened that she wiggled out of her collar and took off running. Dave, her owner, had been looking for her ever since, so you can imagine how happy he was to get the call that she’d been found!

Finally, the time came for them to be reunited. That tail says it all…

Thank goodness for my microchip!


According to Hope for Paws, one in three pets will get lost in their lifetime, and only 10 percent of those without tags or microchips find their way back home.

Watch Luna go from lost and afraid to completely ecstatic in the video below. And share to remind everyone to get their pets microchipped!

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