He Approached A Homeless Man With Cash, His Surprising Request Shook Up My World

Youtuber Karim Metwaly was on a mission to prove that the best parts of humanity are often those we overlook.

Karim approached a homeless man named Mark and gave him some cash to buy food. Mark reluctantly accepted, but had one condition for the charity. He asked Karim to stay for a while “Do you want to sit, just for a little bit? It gets so lonely out here.”

A few moments passed when Mark suddenly stood up and asked Karim to wait until he returned. Mark then shocked him.

He appeared with lunch for himself and Karim so they could sit and share a meal. “Please sit and eat with me for a little bit? I’m glad you’re here with me” he said in a total gratitude.

Karim’s simple act of kindness reminded Mark and the rest of us that humanity is human regardless race, nationality, creed or religion – all we have to do is love one another as we love ourselves. Watch the beautiful interaction play out below!

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