Little Girl Elated Over Letter From Home Depot “Santa,” But His Roughly Wrapped Gift Brings Mom To Tears.

little girl reads letter at home depot

When 6-year-old Adrianna Escamilla went with her her mom, Rosamaria Jamarillo, to return some purchases at the Hanford, California Home Depot, she brought along her most treasured toy, a doll named Katy. The little girl placed Katy in a shopping cart while she and her mom shopped but lost the doll when the shopping cart was misplaced. Adrianna and her mom quickly realized the doll was missing and searched everywhere for Katy, but the doll was nowhere to be found.


After returning to the Home Depot and continuing to look for several days, Rosamaria told Adrianna, “It might be that a little girl needed Katy,” and the two sadly gave up their search. Rosamaria gave a description of the doll to Home Depot employees, and left her information in case Katy were to turn up.

Days later, Rosamaria got a call from the Home Depot manager, Tyson Manuele. But Tyson wasn’t calling to say he had found the doll… he did something else that left Rosamaria in tears.

He had decided to purchase a new doll for little Adrianna out of his own pocket.

“It just touched my heart to the point that I cried!” said Rosamaria. “For him to take the time to go out and buy a doll and spend money and help my daughter, it’s not his responsibility but he went out of his way.”

But Tyson said he was “determined for Adriana to have a happy Christmas.”

Tyson purchased a near-replica of Katy with his own money. But he didn’t want to take credit… he gave all the credit to Santa Claus! He and his wife even wrote a letter to Adrianna from the man in red himself to make the surprise even more special.

“My only hope was that she would like the doll and believe Santa had gone out of his way to help her personally,” said Tyson. “Because what better Christmas present could there be?â€

In the video below, Adrianna returns to the Home Depot to read her letter from Santa and open an early Christmas present. Her reaction is so heartwarming, but the most tear-jerking part is Tyson’s face as he observes the child’s joy.

“It had been a while since I went doll shopping,” said Tyson, father to a now 22-year-old daughter, “So it brought back a lot of fond memories of Christmases past. I bought her the best one I could afford because every child should have the best Christmas possible.”

He added that the reminder of his “own daughter” was a Christmas blessing for him: “I was very thankful to Adrianna and her family for allowing me to re-live those special times.”

And it was a big blessing to Adrianna, too! Check out her precious reaction in the video below.

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