Little girl in hospital sick with cancer
HIV Virus — Could It Be The Next Cure For Cancer?...

HIV Virus — Could It Be The Next Cure For Cancer?

Little girl in hospital sick with cancer

When asked in the beginning of the video if it’s hard to say you’re trying to cure cancer, Dr. Carl H. June responds,

“I think sometimes it’s hard to think that you might actually succeed.”

A little bit of context will make this quote a lot more powerful.

The video doesn’t capture the fact that Dr. June has been working since 1983 to find a cure for cancer using immunotherapy. That’s 30 plus years of trial and error, near successes, and many moments, I’m sure, of doubting with no end in sight.

While it’s amazing that little Emma lives cancer-free today, what moves me the most are Dr. June’s tears of joy at the end of the video. These tears are the fruit of never giving up hope when the odds are completely against you. They are tears of accomplishment knowing that all your hard work is totally worth it in the end.

Little girl smiling in park lives cancer free30 plus years of small successes and failures (and I’m sure thoughts of giving up) have yielded a lifetime of happiness for this little girl.

It could have been easy for Dr. June and his colleagues to give up hope. Yet, we just watched the amazing story of little Emma now living happily cancer free as a result of his team’s treatment.

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