His Art Is World-Class, But When I Learned The Truth Behind It I Was Speechless.

Most people have the ability to express themselves. Whether it’s through speech, music, dancing, cooking or painting, it’s incredibly important to have a creative outlet for your thoughts.

But unfortunately there are people in this world without the ability to show others who they are on the inside… and often they get pushed to the margins of society.

Paul Smith was born in 1921 with severe Cerebral Palsy. The world had no idea what to do with someone like him, so he was left to his own devices. What did he turn to? A type-writer.

Using the machine in a completely unique way, Paul began to create art… and since 1935, his work has been filled with a message of hope and rejuvenation.

It wasn’t long before Paul began blowing everyone away with his creations. Utilizing only a few keys and simple techniques, he is credited with over 400 celebrated works of art.  

Watch his incredible story below and share today!

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