Dad Straps GoPro To Toddler Playing Hide And Seek, The Footage Is Adorable!

We all had our favorite games as a kid: Tag, hop scotch, Monopoly, maybe a bit of little duck duck goose… the list goes on.

For this little one, his activity of choice is definitely hide-and-go-seek. But this is a different type. Rather than just being either the hider or the seeker, we’re able to see from both perspectives what’s going on this round.

How? Because there’s a GoPro strapped on to this toddler’s head!

It’s absolutely adorable to watch as this little one searches everywhere to find his prize – and we know when he’s getting excited because of the heavier breathing.

These parents have turned an everyday kid’s game into something even more adorable!

Watch as this cutie searches around the house and shows us the best round of hide-and-go-seek ever!

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