Man Spots 93-Yr-Old Hitchhiking And Helps Him Fulfill Sweetest Mission For Wife.

Love can make people do things they’d never normally consider – like hitchhiking.


Back in late April, real estate agent Richard Farmer of San Marcos, California, was on his way home for a lunch break when he noticed an elderly man standing with a walker and holding his thumb out. Richard turned his car around to ask if he needed help. Then, the two embarked on a mission to carry on a treasured tradition.


The man, 93-year-old Mike Cain, explained he needed to get to a local 99-cent store. So Richard hopped out of his car, spent the next 15 minutes wiping down the interior with Clorox wipes, donned a mask and gloves, then drove Mike the one-and-a-half miles to his destination.

On the way, he learned Mike and his 94-year-old wife, Doris, have shared a Hershey’s bar every night for close to 20 years. The Air Force veteran wasn’t about to let quarantine stop the tradition, even if it meant walking a three-mile round trip to pick up their favorite chocolate. But thanks to Richard, he wouldn’t have to.

“I was amazed. I’m like, ‘This guy must really be in love with this gal,'” Richard told NBC San Diego.

richard drives mike to store

The two drove to the store and picked up 35 Hershey’s bars. Richard then dropped his new friend off at home. But before they parted ways, he made sure Mike knew to call him whenever he needed help.

“I gave him my card and said next time [you] need some chocolate no need to try and hitch [a] ride, just give me a call and I look forward to meeting Doris,” Richard wrote on Facebook.

mike gets chocolate bar

It wasn’t long before Richard finally got to meet the special lady, who had no idea about her husband’s adventure!

“He can go wherever he wants to go; I probably have to send the police after him,” Doris joked. She and her husband both agree Mike was lucky to cross paths with Richard.

“There aren’t that many people like Rich in the world,” Mike said.

mike and doris

Not only did Richard help keep the couple’s tradition alive, but now he’s also keeping Mike safe! The pair have since gone grocery shopping together. So, while Mike made a risky choice the day they met, it ended with a friendship – and lots of chocolate!

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