Man Stuffs Baby Into Duffel Bag When Dad’s Back Is Turned, But Dad’s Quick-Thinking Saves Son’s Life.

Most of us are perfectly happy and willing to help a stranger in distress. But an allegedly “distressed” motorist took advantage of a Good Samaritan’s willingness to help last month, when he turned to fetch some water to help cool his overheated radiator.


Ron Kraus of Walkerton, Indiana had purchased a plastic John Deere tractor for his son Ryker, and was assembling it on the front porch of his home that day ahead of his first birthday party.


Ryker was seated at Kraus’ feet, and when the man approached asking for some water to cool his radiator, Kraus turned to retrieve a bottle from just inside the doorway. In that split second, the man stuffed Ryker into a duffel bag and fled.


Fortunately, he only got about 100 feet before Kraus caught up and hit him in the back of the head. Ryker tumbled onto the lawn and– after making sure he was unharmed– Kraus put him in the house. He thought he’d knocked the would-be-kidnapper out cold, but the man fled while Kraus called 911.


The man is described as having a light complexion with beard stubble, and on the day of the incident, wore a gray camouflage overshirt over a white t-shirt. Kraus described his vehicle as a silver or gray 1990s-style minivan.

“I hope he gets caught,”he said. “I hope that they’re able to take the information that we’ve given them and I hope that they stop him before he does it again.â€

Thank goodness for this incredible father!

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