Today, Tomorrow, Forever — I Will Always Be Her Soft Place To Land.

becca carnahan

Someday she’s going to give me the silent treatment.

Someday she’ll say I’m the worst.

Someday she will think I’m mean and that I couldn’t possibly understand.

Someday she’s going to slam the door leaving me exasperated on the other side.

But today she is two.

Today she’s not going to stop talking when it’s supposed to be nap time.

Today she will cry because she only wants me.

Today she will wear my socks so she can be just like mommy.

Today she finally fell asleep, snuggled up on my chest in the dark.

Someday she will walk out the door, turn and smile, and I’ll see my girl has become her own woman. A piece of me that is whole on her own.

Lyndsay Hannah Photography

Tomorrow she’ll be one day closer to that day.

So today I’ll let her sleep on me in the dark. And I’ll whisper to her that I will always be her soft place to land.

Today, tomorrow, someday, forever.

This story originally appeared on With Love, Becca

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