Quarantined Hairdresser Keeps Skills Sharp By Practicing Hilarious Updos On Boyfriend.

There’s always room for laughter.

Heidi Lee Oley and Geoffrey Clark, her boyfriend, are currently waiting out the novel coronavirus from a family cabin. Like so many others, Heidi had to close her hair salon in Atlanta, Georgia, to keep everyone safe, but that hasn’t stopped her from practicing what she loves.


Geoff is a software engineer who is able to work remotely, but Heidi quickly grew antsy with nothing to do. So as Geoff typed away on his laptop one day, Heidi began playing with his hair, which was nothing unusual. In fact, his stunning locks were one of the first things she noticed when they met!

“I knew I’d be out of work for weeks, possibly months, so when he was on the computer I started curling it and was like, ‘I’m going to make you look like George Washington,'” Heidi explained. “I posted it to a few hair forums on Facebook and they loved it.”

How could they not? All he’s missing is some powder for his curly look, and we wouldn’t be able to tell him and the former president apart!


The positive responses inspired Heidi to keep experimenting. So while her patient boyfriend did his work, Heidi headed to a local market to pick up some supplies.

Next thing Geoff knew, he was modeling every updo the bored stylist could think of.


Fortunately for us, Heidi couldn’t have picked a better candidate.

“His hair is the best! It’s very curly,” she said. “When we came to the cabin, I only [had] my curling iron, I left all my tools at my salon, so I’m using tools from the grocery store.”

Those bargains came in especially handy when Heidi decided it was time for Geoff to go to prom… in the 90s. The butterfly clips really take us back!


After Heidi started posting the images on social media, she got her first taste of viral fame. Not only did other hairdressers relate to her need to keep her skills sharp during quarantine, but the general public also couldn’t get enough of the hilarious photo shoots.

Here’s Jeff modeling some Princess Leia buns in an image straight out of “Return Of The Jedi.”


“Our industry, among others, is in limbo,” Heidi said. “The love we received is why we kept the series going. I wanted to be a little glimmer of light during the shadows of the uncertainty of our industry.”

When she tired of updos, she gave braids a try for this “viking” look. There’s no limit to her creativity!


While Heidi normally considers hair color to be her area of expertise, she’s enjoying dusting off her styling skills and trying new things.

“It’s fun to step out of your comfort zone and learn some new techniques that I will definitely be using when I’m back behind the chair,” she said.

We’re not sure many of her client will request this “Post Malone” look, but you never know!


What a great way to bring some much-needed laughter to the world! Not to mention, the two of them can spend delightful quality time together.

“It’s fun for me, he likes his hair played with, win-win,” she said. “He has a heart of gold for letting me do this and post it.”

We couldn’t agree more! They’ve even started taking requests from people online. Here’s Geoff modeling an impressive mohawk!


As long as they don’t run out of hairspray, Heidi and Geoff plan to keep bringing smiles to our faces. We can’t wait to see what they try next!

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