Fitness Instructor Starts Gym To Help Former Inmates Get Back On Their Feet.

For 10 years, Hector Guadalupe lived in a federal prison, serving a sentence for drug trafficking.

During that dark time, he used fitness as a way to clear his mind, move his body, and lift his spirits. When he was released, he took those skills a step further by becoming a certified personal trainer. Then he had a brilliant idea!

He understands all too well how difficult it can be to find a job after serving time in prison. That’s why he started A Second U Foundation. The nonprofit provides fitness training certification programs for formerly incarcerated people to help them open doors and find meaningful work. 

Since the foundation opened in 2012, Hector has certified 200 individuals, and only one of them has reoffended. While he is immensely proud of his graduates, Hector isn’t surprised by their success.

“People won’t reoffend as long as they’re provided livable wages. So they start at $35 an hour. They top out at $75 an hour,” he explained. “A lot of families and kids get fed off that.”

A Second U Foundation

In addition to A Second U Foundation, Hector also started a personal training business, where he employs only formerly incarcerated individuals!

These dedicated people work with their clients to improve their health and abilities. Even during the novel coronavirus pandemic shutdowns, they have continued to pursue their passion by leading virtual and socially-distant training sessions.

A Second U Foundation

Not only is the gym Hector’s source of income, but it has also become his life’s work!

“I just like to see people achieve goals … I love it!” he said. “It’s about understanding that people need an opportunity. We all deserve a second chance.”

second chance fitness

What an incredible way to support his neighbors! Thank you, Hector, for reminding us to treat everyone with love and compassion!

Learn more about A Second U Foundation here, and don’t forget to share this amazing story with your friends.

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